David Blackman

Software Engineer, Creative Technologist and Leatherworker
on sabbatical

I've been hacking together networked software since I was barely a sentient being (call that around thirteeen years old). I graduated with a BS of Computer Science from Stanford University, along with a minor in creative writing that would come in handy when making immersive theater many years later.

My professional career has included stints at Google, Foursquare, Twitter, Radar Labs and Notion. When I started my career at Google, they looked deep within my soul and assigned me to a random team which turned out to be Google Maps. This started a long term fascination with geospatial data and lead to a number of (now defunct, sorry) open source projects including Quattroshapes (an open source global boundary gazeetter that evolved into Who's on First), Zetashapes (a project for building neighborhood boundaries), and twofishes (a coarse splitting geocoder).

I'm constantly spinning up new creative side projects. I've noticed a few themes in that work, including

  • collaborative storytelling and story collection
  • structured play and structured intimacy
  • geometric patterns and abstract expressionist art
  • turning unstructured data into semantically meaningful lists

To date, the most meaningful creative project I've worked on is Assemble - a project that combined nearly every one of my creative interests into personal story that was a meaningful experience to hundreds of theatergoers in nyc.