2019 Day At The Office Before Photo

This interactive occurs on a player's first day at a soul crushing new job. An effusive IKEA-announcer directs them to gather items for their desk to make them feel at home, and, more importantly, for an instagram photo. They have a video-game-like sixty second countdown and fast-paced music to heighten the tension.

This was a hard interactive. Some players realized that they would need to be creative, and ended up making strange assemblages of many boxes of paperclips or other abstract arrangements. Others gave up, due to a combination of not quickly finding appropriate objects nearby.

We debated if this interactive would make too much unnecessary mess for IKEA employees, ultimately deciding that it was acceptable given how many small tweaks to the display we saw that went untouched in the model rooms for weeks. Seeing these assemblages weeks later still on the desk was a secret joy for the Assemble team.