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What is my purpose?

Send me a postcard! https://purpose.blackmad.com/

This is a project that grew out of my love of both sending and receiving postcards. It's a single-purpose single-page site that allows people to write me a postcard with a custom image either from their webcam or computer. The cards are printed and sent by https://www.lob.com/ which presents a REST API for lots of real-world physical one-off mail. I pay the ~80 cent cost of each postcard.

To date I have received over 40 postcards and documented ... none of them. To come: photo evidence that postcards have been sent.

I have received quite a number of postcards that I have genuinely zero idea who they are from. Not sure if I ever figured out who "kd" is.

Code: https://github.com/blackmad/what-is-my-purpose